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Hive Cushion Ring with Synthetic Azure Blue Spinel
Hive Cushion Ring with Synthetic Azure Blue Spinel
Sterling Silver, Rhodium Plate, Synthetic Azure Blue Spinel
- Ships within 2 weeks
- FREE shipping for purchases over 400 USD
- Ships from New York City
- Handcrafted
- Rhodium plated to prevent sterling silver from tarnishing
- Gem measures 16 x 16mm, cabochon top with faceted bottom
- Dimentions: 25 x 25 x 28mm

The Hive Collection

This collection exemplifies le bibelot’s design vision, adherence to simplicity and attention to subtlety in forms. The uniting theme is the eye-engaging hive pattern pierce work under which each piece exudes its own architectural quality. While the viewer immediately appreciates the modern, clearly defined form as a whole, it is also natural to subsequently notice the subtly ornate elements. The result is a collection that embodies both modern design and classic aesthetics. Via 3D printing technology each piece is voluminous, yet delicate and superbly lightweight; each design is the facsimile of the designer’s precise thoughts, digitally expressed by the designer and produced via nearly lossless means.

Synthetic Gems

Synthetic gems are natural gems’ flawless counterparts since they share identical chemical, optical and physical characteristics. le bibelot employs a few kinds of lab created gems, synthetic ruby, green sapphire, yellow sapphire, white sapphire and blue spinel. These gems give off the same brilliance and will last as long as ones found in nature.

Cabochon-top Cut

This is a signature le bibelot cut. The gem has a domed, smooth top of a cabochon and a faceted pavilion. This special cut is favored by le bibelot because it adds great depth and brilliance while preserving the smooth flow of the piece.


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Hive Cushion Ring with Synthetic Azure Blue Spinel
materials: Sterling Silver, Synthetic Yellow Sapphire